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1 user
100 financial entries (monthly)
10 CRM ALFA (leads/contacts)
Integrated e-commerce
Limited modules
Response time (working hours)
Chat support
10 Disk space (accumulated MB)
Deployment hours/Complimentary training


Charged annually on boleto or in 12x on credit card

2 users
500 financial entries (monthly)
150 CRM ALFA (leads/contacts)
Integrated e-commerce
Limited modules
Response time (working hours) 72 hours
Chat support
125 Disk space (accumulated MB)
1 Deployment hours/Complimentary training


Charged annually on boleto or in 12x on credit card

15 users
3000 financial entries (monthly)
1000 CRM ALFA (leads/contacts)
Integrated e-commerce
All modules
Response time (working hours) 12 hours
Chat support
750 Disk space (accumulated MB)
8 Deployment hours/Complimentary training

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Our 100% money back guarantee

Let me tell you why we offer this guarantee to you.

First, FoxManager just works. We use FoxManager in all of our organization’s processes because it works very well and I am sure it will work the same for you.

Second, part of our main beliefs here at FoxManager is that we put people first – ALWAYS – and strive for their success.

I believe, the team believes and I am sure you will believe it too.

It’s simple: buy FoxManager, use it in your company and, if there are no improvements in your process, in your billing and accounting, I will refund 100% of your purchase.

This warranty covers 14 full days, during which time the team and I will do everything possible to help you succeed. Thank you, and I hope we can be part of your growth story soon!


Antonio Morais
CEO and Founder

Trusted by the world’s most innovative businesses – big and small

Your questions, answered

Can I cancel anytime?

Of course. Contact our Client Support team prior to your next billing cycle and we’ll take care of your request.

My team has credits. How do we use them?

Once your team signs up for a subscription plan, we’ll draw against your credit balance until it runs out. Only then will we start charging your subscription to your credit card.

Is there a setup fee?

We perform a one-time charge, which can be prorated on your credit card and covers the entire initial configuration and implementation of the system.

Can we get a refund?

Yes. We offer a 100% money back guarantee. This warranty covers 14 full days for you to test FoxManager and track growth results.

What are my payment options - credit card and/or invoicing?

You can use your credit card to pay for any plan up to 12x. If you sign up for an annual subscription, you can also make the payment on the boleto.

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